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Branch Code of Conduct & Behavior
These codes are to ensure a uniformed operation of all branches. As a member of Bikers Australia Inc. you must meet the following standards in regard to your conduct. These codes of conduct and behavior apply to any activity held by Bikers Australia Inc. and in any role you hold within Bikers Australia Inc.  

1. Club Merchandise: All club merchandise is to be ordered through the national merchandise manager via your branch only. Branches and members are not permitted to obtain any merchandise from any other supplier as this would be a breach of trademark. Any breach of this will result in membership being revoked.  
2. Fundraising Merchandise: All fundraising merchandise is to be ordered through or approved by the national merchandise manager. Branches are not permitted to obtain any merchandise from any other supplier without approval as to ensure the merchandise dose not breach Bikers Australia’s trademark. Any breach of this will result in membership being revoked.  
3. Trademark of Bikers Australia’s logo is to be controlled by the National Management Committee.  
4. Social media: See Bikers Australia Inc Social Media Code of Conduct.  
5. Supporters patches (Social and 1%) are not to be worn on or with any Bikers Australia Inc Club Patches or Club Merchandise (as some branches interact with different clubs and this could lead to problem for you and other members)                

6. Club Events: All Bikers Australia Inc Branch events are to be submitted to the National Management Committee for approval.  
7. Sponsors: The National Management Committee is to be notified of all new sponsors before entering into any commitment with a sponsor, no existing sponsors are to be approached for sponsorship by a branch or member.  
8. All club minutes are to be forwarded the National Secretary within 7 days of any branch meeting, also all minutes are to be in an approved format. National is to forward all minutes within 14 days to all branches. 
 9. Branches are to encourage and support members to learn appropriate behaviors and skills. 
10. Branches are to support opportunities for participation in all aspects of the club. 
11. Branches are to treat each person as an individual. 
12. All Members are to show respect and courtesy to all involved with the club. 
13. All members are to respect the rights and worth of every person, regardless of their age, race, gender, ability, cultural background, sexuality or religion. 
14. All members are to respect the decisions of officials, committee and board members. 
15. All members are to display appropriate responsible behavior in all interactions. 
16. All members are to display responsible behavior in relation to alcohol and other drugs. 
17. All members are to act with integrity and objectivity, and accept responsibility for your decisions and actions. 
18. Ensure your decisions and actions contribute to a safe environment. 
19. Ensure your decisions and actions contribute to a harassment-free environment for all members and guests. 
20. Abusive, bullying or threatening behavior will not be tolerated by the club. 
21. Any action that could bring the club into disrepute will not be tolerated. 
22. Member disagreements are to be dealt with as per the Bikers Australia Inc Construction. Problems between members are best sorted out directly by the member’s branch committee. It is understood all efforts to resolve any conflicts at this level will be taken before involving the National Management Committee (As per the Bikers Australia Inc Constitution)            
1. Members should ride in a courteous manner, showing respect for other road users and refraining from altercations whenever possible.   
2. It is the responsibility of members to insure their capacity to ride or work at events is not impaired by alcohol or other influences. In the interest of the welfare of the member and the Club, the Chairman or his appointed representative is empowered to deny a member from joining a ride or working at an event if he feels that the member's capacity to ride or working safely has been impaired.   
3. On group rides, bikes must be roadworthy, fuelled up and ready to ride before the start time. Riders should assemble for a briefing by the Chairman or his representative at least five minutes before departure time at which time ride details will be given including route, contact numbers, scheduled stops, etc. It is understood the Chairman will provide ample information on the ride destination at least three months prior to the ride. Furthermore, Chairman in consultation with the committee will have the final say on bikes joining rides if roadworthiness is in question.   
4. On group rides, members should maintain in position in staggered file and avoid overtaking other bikes whenever possible. If necessary to overtake another bike, the passing bike must only do so if necessary and it is safe to do so.  
5. Riders should not overtake the lead bike. If the lead bike is accidentally passed in traffic, the erring bike should slow down and allow the lead bike to pass and then safely re-join the pack.   
6. Recognising different levels of riding ability and capacity of bikes, members should ride within their comfort zone. Lead bike and Marshalls will endeavour to set a pace appropriate to traffic and road conditions. Trikes and sidecars are to position themselves at the rear of the group. If needed a second group for newer riders will sit back from the main group at a slower pace lead by a committee member. (Road Marshalls on larger events will be Full Licenced Riders also be issued will a long Sleeve Hi Vis  T-Shirt with Marshall on the sleeves and across the back of the t-shirt)  
7. Group riding is to be enjoyed by all and is not a race. Members should stay together as a group to improve visibility, safety and enjoyment. Members should adopt the "buddy" system by keeping a close watch on other bikes in the group, watching for mechanical problems, rider fatigue, etc.              
8. In event of an accident, riders should stop as quickly and safely as possible and await instructions from the Chairman or his delegate. All situations differ so common sense should be used by the first members at the scene; i.e., direct traffic, assist the fallen rider, clear the fallen bike, etc.   
9. Guest riders are welcome but should be briefed by the Chairman and introduced to the members. They should be positioned towards the back of the group. 
                               “Any member or guest that cannot abide by the above terms is not welcome at Bikers Australia Inc.”     
                                              The Club and Branches should think about their members. Quality not Quantity.  

Bikers Australia Code of Conduct

Bikers Australia Inc.  

Social Media Policy

The National Management Committee acknowledges the importance of social media such as Facebook and other forums. Facebook, Twitter and other types of publishing that is based online, between an author and active readers, in contrast with the “audience” as a passive consumer of content – such as the traditional broadcast media.  

Whilst we acknowledge that social media is an effective method of communication and advertising we also acknowledge the use of social media has the potential to compromise compliance with legislation, particularly in regard to accessibility and privacy. Content contributed by anyone may infringe upon the rights of others in areas such as defamation, intellectual property.  

Bikers Australia Inc. acknowledges that you may wish to use social media in your personal life so we are providing an official Bikers Australia Inc. Public Facebook and Bikers Australia Inc. Members Only page. By having these official sites, we expect users to comply with the policy so as to protect the members and the Club. Also the individual branches may have a branch social media page as long as the clubs name (Bikers Australia or B.A and club logos) are not used.  

This policy does not intend to discourage or unduly limit your personal expression or online activities. However, you should recognise the potential for damage to be caused (either directly or indirectly) to Bikers Australia Inc. or its members. in certain circumstances via your personal use of social media when you can be identified as a Bikers Australia Inc. member. Accordingly, you should comply with this policy to ensure that the risk of such damage is minimised.

You are personally responsible for the content you publishing in a personal capacity on any form of social media platform. When in doubt, you should seek guidance from Bikers Australia Inc. On how to comply with the following obligations.  

Where your comments or profile can identify you as a member of Bikers Australia Inc. you must: only disclose and discuss publicly available information ensure that all content published is accurate and not misleading and complies with all relevant Bikers Australia Inc. policies expressly state on all postings (identifying you as a Bikers Australia Inc. member) the stated views are your own and are not those of the Bikers Australia Inc.be polite and respectful to all people you interact with adhere to the Terms of Use of the relevant social media platform/website, as well as copyright, privacy, defamation, trademarks, contempt of court, discrimination, harassment and other applicable laws. 


You must not:  

Post material that is offensive, obscene, defamatory, threatening, harassing, bullying, discriminatory, hateful, racist, sexist, infringes copyright, breach trademarks, constitutes a contempt of court, breaches a Court suppression order, or is otherwise unlawful imply that you are authorised to speak on behalf or as a representative of Bikers Australia Inc., nor give the impression that the views you express are those of Bikers Australia Inc. use Bikers Australia Inc. logos or name in any format.

Use or disclose any confidential information or personal information obtained in your capacity as a member of Bikers Australia Inc. post material that is, or might be construed as, threatening, harassing, bullying or discriminatory towards another member of the Bikers Australia Inc. make any comment or post any material that might otherwise cause damage to Bikers Australia Inc.’s reputation or bring it into disrepute.  

Copyright and Trademark

You should respect copyright and trademark laws and fair use of copyrighted/ trademarked material and attribute work to the original author/source wherever possible.  

Harassment and bullying

All Bikers Australia Inc. members are expected to treat their fellow members with respect and dignity and must ensure their behavior does not constitute bullying and/or harassment.


You should refrain from publishing material that may cause injury to another person, organisation, association or company's reputation, and should seek further guidance if publication of such material is thought to be necessary.

Offensive or obscene material

Material may be offensive or obscene and may infringe relevant online classification laws if it pornographic, sexually suggestive, harassing, hateful, racist, sexist, abusive or discriminatory. 

Any breaches of this policy may be reported to your Branch or National Management Committee. 

Bikers AustraliaSocial Media Code of Conduct