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Lane Filtering VIC

The Andrews Labor Government is delivering on its commitment to change laws to allow motorcycles and scooters to lane filter.

Following consultation with motorcyclists, cyclists and drivers, the changes to the current road rules will come into effect on 2 November 2015.

Lane filtering is the practice of motorcycles and scooters travelling at low speed through stopped or slow moving traffic, for example at traffic lights.

While not explicitly banned, riders who filter are at risk of committing an offence under a number of Victorian Road Safety Road Rules.

The changes affect a wide range of community members, not just motorcyclists, and it is important that all road users are aware of the new laws.

The Government has extensively sought people’s opinion on the changes, with a community meeting in June and over 1,000 online survey responses.

The new lane filtering measures do not permit lane splitting, which is when motorcycles travel between moving traffic at high speed. This is currently unlawful and will remain so because of the danger it poses to all road users.

The new regulations do not change how motorcyclists interact with special purpose lanes, such as bike lanes, bike boxes and tram lanes.

The changes include permitted filtering:

  • between lanes or lines of traffic in the same direction

  • between lanes or lines of traffic and parked cars

  • for motorcycle licence holders (not learner permit holders)

  • at speeds up to 30km/h (penalties will apply for filtering in excess of 30km/h)

  • unless signed otherwise.

VicRoads will support the law change with a public awareness campaign for all road users.

More detailed information on the new filtering measures can be found at www.vicroads.vic.gov.au

Lane Filtering NSW

What is lane filtering?

Lane filtering is when a motorcycle rider moves alongside vehicles that have either stopped or are moving slowly (less than 30 km/h).

What motorcyclists need to know about safe lane filtering

  • Motorcycle lane filtering laws apply in NSW, with strict conditions

  • Motorcyclists must only lane filter when travelling less than 30 km/h

  • Motorcyclists can lane filter through stationary and slow moving traffic

  • Motorcyclists caught moving between traffic at over 30km/h  face heavy fines and three demerit points under the offence called ‘lane splitting’

  • It is illegal for motorcyclists to lane filter:

    • next to the kerb

    • next to parked vehicles

    • in school zones

  • Motorcyclists should always look out for pedestrians and cyclists

  • Motorcyclists should not lane filter around heavy vehicles and buses

  • Only fully licensed motorcyclists are allowed to lane filter

  • Motorcyclists must only lane filter when it’s safe

  • Motorcyclists must comply with all existing road rules when lane filtering. This includes stopping before the stop line at a red traffic light or stop sign, never in front or over it.

Safety information for other road users


Motorists should always check twice for motorcycles.
Motorists should not deliberately move into the path of a motorcyclist who is lane filtering.
To ensure safety, motorcyclists:

  • Are only allowed to lane filter when they are travelling less than 30 km/h

  • Are only allowed to lane filter when it's safe

  • Should not lane filter around heavy vehicles and buses.