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Bikers Australia started in 1978 as a political lobby group and of course a social club for, riders. In the beginning we lobbied the NSW State Government regarding helmets and lights on laws. In those days that involved mass rides and demonstrations but now times are different and we influence politicians through political lobby groups such as the Motorcycle Council of NSW on which we have two members as we were founding member, also the club is now a member of the Victorian Motorcycle Council VMC . As one of the best known social bike clubs we accept members of any age, gender or type and make of motorcycle that they ride. We aim to foster the acceptance and the morality of motorcyclists while having as best a time as possible. Bikers Australia run the annual Brass Monkey and Wombat rallies, the Burnside and Sydney toy runs as well as organized the Canberra Awareness Ride in 2006. A National Run for members is held on the October long weekend yearly to different locations. We are also involved in other charity runs and weekends away for members.






Bikers Australia is a well-known social organisation with branches in Sydney, Central West, Hunter, Illawarra, Blue Mountains and the NFA Branch for members not near a branch. promoting and participating in runs, bike shows, rallies and community-assistance projects. Branches meet monthly usually mid week to organise upcoming events and socialize; followed by a ride on the following weekend. In addition to the planned rides, there are plenty of casual rides that members organise themselves plus social get-togethers throughout the year. There are at least three major rides/events where the branches get together and trade stories after a days ride, for more details on rides and events go to our EVENTS section.




Bikers Australia has two key objectives;
1. Social Club: Enjoy the mateship that comes from riding your bike, trading stories, attending events such as Brass Monkey Rally, Blanket Run, Sydney Toy Run, Cental West Dice Run, Burnside Run and enjoy a friendly drink at “The Prospect Hotel” for those in Sydney.

2. Bikers Advocate: Bikers Australia is keen to foster, encourage, promote and advance the recreation and sport of motorcycling. To promote the acceptance of the ethics and morality of motorcyclists. We also consider all questions and matters affecting motorcyclists including their rights; whether by promotion or opposition to legislation and prospective legislation, as may be thought desirable. Through our membership of the Motorcycle Council of NSW and UMC, we are active in meeting with and talking to governing bodies in matters affecting motorcyclists. Issues include riders rights, rider training, road-side furniture and safety.




Bikers Australia membership is open to anyone with an enthusiasm for motorcycling. Annual membership is only $30 per annum for full members and $10 per annum for junior members all members need to be financial to vote at the annual general meetings. All membership applications are subject to approval by the Management Committee. Join us for the fun and pleasure of motorcycling!







Bikers Australia ~ Sydney

Social: Open each Friday night from 5.30pm to Midnight
Venue: Prospect Hotel, 3 Great Western Hwy
Meetings: Second Tuesday of the Month at the , 7.30pm for 8.00pm sharp
Ride: Sunday following monthly meeting, 9am at Prospect Hotel
Contact: Nick - 0402 520 715

Bikers Australia ~ Central West

Meetings: 1st Wednesday of the Month at 7pm 
Venue: Garden Hotel in Dubbo
Ride: 3rd Sunday of the month
Contact: Mark - 0408 295 996


Bikers Australia ~ Illawarra

Meetings: 1st Monday of the Month at 7.30pm
Venue: The Open Harp
Ride: Second Sunday of the month
Contact: Paul Jnr - 0402 697 196


Bikers Australia ~ Hunter


Bikers Australia ~ NFA

Meetings: When Advised
Venue: NFA
PJ - 0415 151 829

Penguin - 0418 621 516

Paul - 0418 427 701

Bikers Australia ~ Blue Mountains

Venue: The Rest Ezy EHotel
Ride: 2nd Sunday of the month meeting up with Sydney
Contact: Kev - 0423 547 141



Bikers Australia ~ Management Committee

President - Craig -0413 267 526
V-President - Norm

Treasurer - Les - 0434 574 928
Secretary - Tammy

Bikers Australia ~ Board Members

PJ - 0415 151 829  or 0448 BIKERS (245 377)    
Noel - 0423 802 838        
Russell - 0419 609 701  

Attila - 0416 399 369

Rob - 0409 457 609


NSW Mail to:

PO Box 2397, Smithfield NSW 2164

Phone: 0448 BIKERS (245 377)
Email: bikers_australia@outlook.com

Website: www.bikersaustralia.com.au

Over 40 years of social motorcycle riding, established 1978

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